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We want your wedding or event to have the perfect atmosphere. And we are confident Bistro Lighting is one of the easiest and coolest ways to do that. Add Bistro Lighting to any of your DJ packages, or just as an “A La Carte” option to perfectly and elegantly light any indoor or outdoor location. 

Bistro Lighting For Any Event

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Why Midas Entertainment Bistro Lighting?

Embrace Quality

When you sign with Midas Entertainment Events, you’re not just getting quality music, you also can add professional bistro string lighting design to accompany the music and event itself. We’ll help you create an elegant design at your venue that can enhance the look of any area both indoor and outdoor. 

What To Expect

All of our lighting equipment is industry standard. We believe that the lighting design should accompany the venue’s beauty and should not take away from the environment itself. Utilize Bistro String Lighting to cover darker areas outdoors (Dining, Dancing, etc) or set up inside to add a nice rustic feel to your big celebration. 

Bistro String Lights can be extended in runs of 25ft and crossed over to create unique and intricate lightscape designs. Utilize this option to add a distinct boutique feel to your bid day. 

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