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This space is dedicated to help wedding couples & wedding DJs learn more about the do's & don'ts of the industry. What are the costs? Where are the pitfalls? Come here to find your answers on these hard hitting topics.

Wedding Blog

For Couples

Planning a Wedding can be hard! Utilize this blog to arm yourself with industry information before you start planning the entertainment for your big day. What are the average costs for a DJ these days? Why do they cost that price? What goes into a quality DJ/MC performance nowadays at a wedding? We have got answers to all of these questions and fresh takes on where we think the wedding entertainment industry is headed as a whole. 

Wedding Blog

For DJs

The name of this game is teamwork. And this blog will go into depth each week on new industry trends in DJ’ing, as well as tons of helpful tips n tricks to help you become the best DJ/MC you can be. Are you ready to gain some new knowledge?