DJ Midas Bio

DJ Midas, also known as Rob Kermidas, embarked on his DJ journey in Binghamton, NY. As a freelance DJ, he graced Northeast nightclubs, corporate gatherings, and college parties for a span of eight years.

With a professional background in public speaking and business marketing, Rob honed his skills in the bustling city of New York. In 2016, he made a pivotal move to Knoxville, TN, launching his career in Event Marketing and Event Management. Collaborating with esteemed media giants such as MTV and GMR, Rob amassed a wealth of industry knowledge, which he leveraged to orchestrate grand-scale Weddings, Parties, and Events as a seasoned Professional DJ and MC. It was in 2019 that Rob officially established Midas Entertainment.
Fast forward to today, Midas Entertainment has achieved nearly five years of triumph across The Smoky Mountains, Knoxville, and the Greater Tri-Cities region. Rob remains dedicated to spinning tracks and captivating audiences at remarkable events, spanning from Weddings and Pool parties to Corporate functions, New Year’s Eve extravaganzas, and Holiday celebrations. Midas Entertainment takes immense pride in delivering top-notch music, lighting, and an unforgettable experience tailored to the unique needs of every event.


Our teams philosophy is pretty simple. Treat every event and client like it’s our Super Bowl and provide unparalleled dedication to the success of your big day. Whatever that goal may be. 


Our costs are not the cheapest in the area, just like our talent isn’t as readily available. What we offer is an elevated wedding experience that brings families who have yet to meet together through music and dance. Weddings can be awkward sometimes, its a great entertainers job to help bridge that gap. That is what we do best. Elegant moments that make you the center of attention.


Our clients are often an extension of our company, and as we get to know each of you better, it gives us the chance to throw you a wedding or event your friends and family will never forget. Welcome to a better way to party in style.


“Invest in music and watch the rest fall into place” ~DJ Midas



You will never deal with an easier team of professionals when setting up the logistics for your big day. We will be your go-to liaisons from the beginning of the process to the end, organizing the most important parts of the event with you prior, and letting your Photographer know when the big moments of the party are about to happen during. Consider us your master timekeepers of the event.

Unique Events

Midas Entertainment is not like your regular old DJ's. We take a unique approach to sound, lighting, and entertainment. Blending and combining all elements of sight and sound to create big scale, memorable events. We are passionate, insanely creative, and capable of providing you your exact needs each and every night.


We run our events so that you are the spotlight of the show, not us. Often times wedding and event DJs can come off as cheesy or annoying. Attempting to steal the attention from the guests instead of directing attention where it should be intended. Midas Entertainment has a perfect blend of charisma without hubris. Never stealing the spotlight from the main attraction, YOU!

Why Midas Entertainment?

Built on Trust

With over 10+ years of curating large events, weddings, and parties across the East Coast, we are the easy choice to help guide you through the entire music and entertainer selection process including Planning, Sound, and Lighting before your big day. I have been managing and entertaining large-scale corporate events as a profession prior to starting Midas Entertainment and have taken that knowledge to create easy logistical systems for people to plan large-scale, fun events with us. This allows you to concentrate on the party itself without worrying about all of the bells and whistles of the event. Midas Entertainment prides itself on not only focusing on providing great music but most importantly providing an incredible overall atmosphere, please take a look at our various sound & lighting options here to see what you need for your next event. 

Built on Technology

OK, it’s time for me to geek out a little here. Collectively our team has over two decades of IT and Sound experience designing anything from internet home systems to complete audio and visual home entertainment systems for clients. These opportunities have given us a distinct leg up on our competition by having the ability and knowledge to create resilient, reliable systems for your special day. From having digital mixers, lights, and speakers that allow us to set up off the beaten path, to the ability to record your entire event from the “main source” and hand those files off to your videographer or other vendor services. Additionally, now with new options in media sharing, we can provide clients with a rundown of songs that are going to be played at the event in real-time as the sets are curated prior to the event. Giving us the ability to manage simple or complex ceremonies with a robust easy to use system; technology has enabled Midas Entertainment a number of unique services to suit your special day. 

Multiple Mic Options

From a single mic on the officiant to capturing vows, or full-on performances, Midas Entertainment has the capabilities to capture it all.

Backup & Redundancies

From battery-powered devices to making a Plan B, C, D, and E, you are always in good hands with our event team.

Recording "From The Source"

Advanced recording capabilities allows us to give your videographer or anyone else pristine audio files of the event.

create your Memorable Event Today

everything you need to know before arriving at your big day

Q. Where do you preform?

A. Proudly serving East Tennessee. We can preform anywhere. Inside, Outside. Corporate Events, Parties, Clubs, Bar mitzvahs, School Dances and or course Weddings. There is no party to big or to small for Midas Entertainment. Give us a call to schedule your next celebration. (607)-743-1217

Q. Do you have insurance?

A. Yes, Midas Entertainment is fully insured.

Q. Are you preforming currently during covid?

A. Yes, we are using state and federal regulations to safely socially distance so that you and your guests can still enjoy the fun of a party entertainer without the worry.

Call us for more details (607) 743-1217

Knoxville Event DJ

Some Helpful tips you should know before planning.


Top Questions to ask your dJ before your next big event

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Wedding DJ Prices?? Why The Difference?

When searching for a wedding DJ you are almost always going to run into a wide range of prices and skill levels. Sometimes the entry will start from as little as $150 upwards to the $10k price range. So why do wedding DJ prices vary so much and what do you get for your expenditure? Many quality DJs do not price their services according to the value they offer. Some are afraid of charging too much and pricing themselves out of their perceived market. While in many cases chair covers or flowers well exceed the cost of the DJ. This despite the fact that interviewed couples overwhelmingly say that the DJ proved to be the most important factor of their wedding. To continue reading this article and find more helpful tips about booking DJ's for large events click the title above....


What does a wedding or event dJ do?

For those that aren’t familiar with professional Wedding or Event DJs, it may seem like all they do is push a button and play music. Planning and playing back music is one of the core functions of the DJ, however, there is so much more that goes on and timing necessary to perfectly blend all elements of a well-orchestrated party. The Wedding DJ is your entertainment coordinator and many times the wedding DJ stands in as pseudo-Wedding Coordinator. To some people’s surprise, a wedding DJ starts to prepare well before the actual wedding day. In fact, it starts with the very first contact. Continue reading this article by clicking the title above.....


Selecting Wedding Songs. Tips To Get It Done.

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