Elegant Days, Amazing Nights

We’ve seen a lot of weddings. We’ve heard a lot of DJs. Which is why we wanted to take those experiences and create something new and unique for the couples that chose our services.

Our mantra and main philosophy behind Midas Entertainment is, We make incredible weddings for incredible people. That’s at the heart of what we do and why we do it. 

Our passion and drive are only surpassed by our love for entertaining. DJ’ing and MC’ing is not only our job, but our calling. Knoxville’s best Wedding DJs and Event Liaisons in the industry. Period.

Best Mixes

We only bring the best music and top tracks. Our mixes bring guests to the dance floor and keep them there until the party stops.

Top MC's

Our MCing keeps your wedding day moving succinctly and stress-free. We’re also smooth on the mic.

Elegant Lighting

Midas Entertainment weddings aren’t your average reception. With the best MCs, mixes, and lighting. You can expect an incredible evening.

Your Key

To An Amazing Tennessee


Planning a wedding or finding the proper Knoxville wedding dj doesn’t have to be a headache. Removing stress comes down to your DJ having a plan, and working with you prior to create fun and interesting programming for your big day. When these things are done correctly and with intention, the planning becomes a breeze and you can just worry about partying. 

We are a service-focused business. Although many companies in our industry may have similarly titled options or offerings, you will find a distinct difference in the quality that Midas Entertainment provides, We call that difference the Midas Touch.

Your Wedding Investment

Pricing for wedding entertainment can vary wildly from vendor to vendor or venue to venue when searching for the correct DJ/MC. So we have one simple rule of thumb we live by at Midas Entertainment when concerning your big day… Whether it’s a great meal at a restaurant, a newly tailored suit or dress, or a brand new car, you’ll get what tastes right, looks great, and drives perfectly according to you. So when you are considering music, lighting, or entertainment at your wedding, we want to make sure you go with an option that satisfies your tastes as well as your style of celebration. Midas Entertainment offers three simple pricing options for brides and grooms which are based on the different types of events we can provide to and your specific tastes. Additionally, we also offer A La Carte (Wedding Enhancement) options for brides and grooms to choose from if they would like to utilize these wedding enhancements but have already chosen a DJ for their big day. 

The Essentials

We Just Want To Dance!
Starting At
  • Professional DJ/MC
  • 4 Hours of Performance Time
  • Turntable + Mixer + Sound
  • Set-up + Breakdown
  • Unparalleled Coordination

The Gold (Best Seller)

Help Us Make This A Night To Remember!
  • Professional DJ/MC
  • 5 Hours of Performance Time
  • Pro Turntable + Mixer + Sound
  • Pro Uplighting
  • Wireless Mic's (Ceremony + Cocktail)
  • Wireless Spkrs (Ceremony + Cocktail)
  • Set-Up + Breakdown
  • Unparalleled Coordination

The Platinum

This Celebration Is Going To Be Wild!
  • Professional DJ/MC
  • 6 Hours of Performance Time
  • Pro Turntable + Mixer + Sound
  • Bistro Lighting
  • Uplighting +Intelligent Lighting
  • Wireless Mics + Lapels + Spkrs
  • Custom Monogram
  • Setup/Breakdown
  • Unparalleled Coordination

Wedding Enhancements

Even if you do not choose our DJ services, we have a ton of awesome A La Carte wedding enhancements for those that want to add to their wedding experience. We've listed below some examples of our most popular enhancements for couples to add to their big day.

Wedding Checklist




What People Are Saying About Us

We cannot say enough great things about Rob and his team! Everything was absolutely amazing and stress-free! The best decision we made was selecting Midas Entertainment for our reception and our big day. Rob was high energy and the dance floor was always full with everyone dancing and singing the entire time!
Mike & Sam
Midas Entertainment is amazing! We worked directly with Rob from start to finish, and he was always very attentive to what we had to say, he is fast to respond, and he is happy to go above and beyond. We booked him for our wedding, and, after one meeting, he perfectly understood the atmosphere we were going for and was fantastic at creating that atmosphere day of. I can't recommend him highly enough!!
Andrew Dickerson
What else can we say about Midas Entertainment! Rob was a huge help to us when we had booked an inexpensive DJ last summer to handle our At-Home-Wedding, and he canceled on us last minute. We called Rob and he setup beautiful lights & music across our entire yard and tent setup. Thank You immensely for helping us!
Tammy & Rick

Masters of Sound

Career Entertainment Professionals

I have dedicated my life to planning and executing large-scale events as a profession before culminating my passion for DJ’ing with my love for executing memorable events and creating Midas Entertainment. These 2 important skillsets for our industry have allowed me the ability to effortlessly help you plan and accomplish your dream celebration.

We take a modern, boutique-style approach to DJing weddings. Uniquely adjusting how we use our talent, our service, and everything we do to fit perfectly with the needs of your party, event, or wedding. Never the same music, never the same vibe. Always tailored to enhance your dream day.

We work directly with you to customize your music, atmosphere, lighting, and wedding day itself. That’s how we keep each event unique to our client and are able to keep the spotlight on the person that deserves it that day, You!

When you book Midas Entertainment for your wedding day, you know you’re getting the best service Tennessee has to offer. Our testimonials and client reviews just reaffirm it.

What Questions Should I Ask My Wedding DJ

  1. Do you offer a written contract (Important!, make sure this is a yes)
  2. Do we meet our DJ before the wedding? (Better be a Yes!)
  3. How long have you been a wedding DJ? (Make sure not recent)
  4. Will you help me plan the itinerary? (The good one’s do!)
  5. Will you keep a Master Time Sheet for events? (They better!)

Finding the right wedding DJ for you and your wedding isn’t always as simple as it may seem. Like anything that’s quality, you need to do your due diligence and find the correct vendor. But there are some steps you can take to make sure you’re on the right track.

  • Think about your vibe. Do you want high-energy, dance floor packing music, or background music to set the atmosphere?
  • Is your DJ a friend or relative (often this isn’t the best approach!)
  • How familiar is your DJ  with the type of music you want played on your wedding day?
  • Do they have experience working at your venue? (Can help for setup ease)
  • How long have they been DJing weddings? (Every Wedding DJ needed to start somewhere, but just make sure the cost is appropriate with your expectations and chose a professional if you want a professional job done.)

Often times, it can come down to a gut feeling. Find out about your DJ’s experience and expertise. And if it feels right, ask for a contract before somebody else does!

It depends on your event. If having music and guests dancing on your wedding day are important to you, then a DJ is one of the most important wedding vendors you are going to choose. The DJ will be in charge of:

  • Controlling the music (and the vibe) of the whole day
  • Making all the announcements throughout the reception
  • Introducing the bridal party and/or groomsmen
  • MCing and facilitating the flow of the day
  • The contact point between you and your guests

DJing a wedding isn’t just about playing the right music. Your wedding DJ is keeping your whole wedding day moving, managing your atmosphere and ultimately making sure your celebration ends flawlessly.

We don’t just play music of course! One of our most important jobs is setting the atmosphere of the day itself. But, if you’re looking for wedding extras, Midas can also:

  • Design your event with custom lightscaping to transform your ceremony or reception.
  • Work creatively with live musicians (drums, violin, and more)
  • Craft custom solutions like personalized audio to listen back to your event
  • Pair your DJ experience with an amazing open air photo booth
  • Take your event to the next level by incorporating Singers, Dancers, Ect.

Though we can usually be found hosting events across Tennessee, we’re also frequently traveling to Georgia, Florida and even NY!

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